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How to Shine Granite Countertops Naturally

Granite Care

First time home owners may assume that granite requires extremely difficult care instructions, but actually, it is incredibly simple to clean granite.  

Typically, it is recommended that homeowners clean the surface of their granite countertops with a brand-name cleaner specifically designed for natural stones. It is extremely important that abrasive cleaners be avoided, such as products that contain bleach or ammonia. 

Granite also requires a sealant to be reapplied every 6 months to a year. The amount of time needed between sealer applications depends on the color of granite. For example, lighter colored granite may need to be resealed every six months, while darker colored granite can be resealed less often. To apply a sealant, simply follow the sealant’s instructions, which can easily be conducted by the homeowner. 

Although these instructions by themselves are remarkably simple, many people are becoming more aware of the chemical ingredients in their cleaning products. If you are searching to create a cleaner with ingredients you know and understand, look no further. Here are some simple instructions to create a more natural cleaner using ingredients you most likely already have in your home.

Benefits of Creating a Natural Cleaner

We’ve discussed the simplicity of using a brand cleaner, so you may find yourself wondering about the benefits of creating your own at-home cleaner. There are actually a few situations where homeowners may be more inclined to create their own cleaner rather than purchasing one. 

Know Your Ingredients

The most obvious reason to create your own cleaner is that you will be able to pick and understand the ingredients you are using. In today’s day and age, many individuals are worried about unnatural chemicals harming their body, their home, and even the environment. By creating your own cleaner using at-home products, you ensure that you completely understand what is being used in your home. This is also helpful if you have an allergy to a common ingredient in brand-name cleaning products; you can ensure that it is not used. 

It's Less Expensive

Purchasing brand-name cleaners can get expensive, but most likely, you can create an at-home cleaner using products you already own in your home. Instead of going out and searching for the perfect cleaner which may cost a bit more than you desire, you can mix up some simple ingredients in your kitchen and create a perfectly effective cleaning product. 

It's Fun

This may not be the most important thing to you when it comes to cleaning your home, but it is certainly worth noting! Mixing and creating your own cleaner can be a fun process, and will allow you to even further appreciate the process of cleaning your granite countertops. 

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